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11.04.2012 , 09:49 AM | #845
I have been playing since day one and i have rolled several classes to 50 and the one i want to do the most is jedi knight but i refuse to wear a hood. Not a single jedi ever wore a hood except obi-wan in the desert for 5 seconds, luke walking into jabba's (again coming from the desert) for a few minutes and Anikan once he was sith. In all the promotional pics for this game the jedi do not wear hoods and this thread has several links to that. Having a hood up is not how i or most people envision a jedi.

Ii noticed in the promotional pic for 1.5, HK-47 standing next to a jedi knight in the jedi battlelord armor with the hood down. I assume they are telling us by that pic that the hood toggle will be a feature, because if they don't like the hood being up in their promotional pictures, then they should know that we dont like it either.

The way my character looks is very important to the way i play the game, and in a game based on cut-scenes and story, it is even more important. This picture of HK better not be another lie.