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Wow, great stories this week!
@Tatile, I've had tears for Rochester and Broan more this past few days than anything else. Excellent phrasing, each passage has me aching for them.

@Bright, Vierce feels like someone I know, someone I have sat with and talked to, and writing his stories in first person makes them feel real. I love your other pieces, but Vierce has my heart.

@Hoyden, Crae is the ultimate creepy guy, and you write him very well. Just the fact that he elicits strong emotions means you have him down. I want to protect Skari, that's how well you've done here!

@Irish, Ald seems to have a rich history, I'm interested to see more of him.

@Striges, you made me so happy! You saw the symbolism in Miriah's fic that I was working to put in there! Thank you! And Rixik, oh my. As much as he's a bad guy later, I want to take the little Twi'lek and adopt him, make sure he never has to be beaten or hungry again. Your description of his longing for the food hit me in a visceral way. That's the one thing I cannot tolerate, the thought of someone being hungry, and you captured it so well! I'd feed the world if I could.

@Irissa, loved the agent story, I haven't played one but it might be next on my list.

@LogicLoup, the imagery you described in Maneera's loneliness story was perfect, and then her with her crew was a great snapshot of the smuggler's life aboard ship!

@Selentar, the Jedi sometimes make me want to scream. I truly think their fear of emotion hold them back from getting the full effect of the force. Excellent characterizaton!

Now, the Food entry for the week,
Miriah and Maura and companions, no spoilers


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