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i'm talking about when A New Hope starts. At that point it's only supposed to be Obi Wan and Yoda.
The events of TFU occurred before a New Hope, 3 BBY - 1 BBY and the events of TFU 2 occur in 1 BBY. So before a New Hope all those Jedi Starkiller hunt down are dead and Rahm Kota for a time is presumed dead and never actually meets Yoda or Obi Wan. Whatsmore, there is still a year between the events of a New Hope and the end of TFU 2 and I assume in that period Rahm Kota dies and Vader escapes. As for that stuff about Starkiller visiting Yoda, for one he was a clone and secondly he could also easily, and probably most likely, have died between 1BBY and 0 BBY. I expect this will all be cleared up in TFU 3 or some other material and the Star Wars timeline will continued unpeturbed.