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Don't you play as the 501st throughout the entire campaign mode? Showing their victories? I thought that part was canon.

Well, that isn't really an inconsistency, Yoda didn't have any reason to bring up. It still fits in fine with the rest.
I don't know telling Luke he is the last Jedi and then not mentioning that he just had another jedi come by the other day?

Then you got other things like the fact that there are all these Jedi running around when Obi Wan and Yoda are supposed to be the only ones left.

As for Battlefront it's more then just their campaigns there are several battles that don't take place as well as some you have to win to advance the story but in the actual canon they lose. I remember there was a website that had the all the details of the canon it broke. I'll see if I can find it.

Basicaly I would say Battlefront you have to take with a huge grain of salt.

Then you got other games like Star Wars Kinecs