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It might have been removed...

If you take a look at Mass Effect 1, the elevator glitch still persists. And how long isn't it since Mass Effect was released? If I recall correctly it was in 2007 that's 5 years ago. Mass Effect 1 plays an important role in both me2 and 3 so you can't really say it's because it's outdated...

SWTOR stills receives regular updates so if the gear wasn't just removed they might wan't to do something about it soon, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
They would have said if they removed anything wouldn't they? and the mass effect elevator glitch is kinda completely different in the fact that if you restart (turn off and back on) then its fixed you can do that in this case.
and yes this flashpoint maybe out dated but never the less its still content and should be given the same level (or at least some) of detail?

On another note i found the some "replacement" legs on both the imps and pubs fleet (imps in the kass comms vendor and the pubs is the taris comms vendor they both has give legs for the five sets the both the Black talon and The Esseles drop. now i say replacement loosely as i haven't seen any post/patch notes to indicate that that are replacement but they are are the right level range and as far as the helms go apparently they dropped in beta but don't now so i haven't got a clue whats happen to them i didn't play in beta i played when the game came out last year.