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Again, the only reason why the Thrawn trilogy has all the contradictions it does is because it was written before any of the events of the Clone Wars were made canon. At that point, Zahn was guessing what was happening, and even in the 10th anniversary of Heir to the Empire, Zahn says that Lucas made him change a lot in that book, and in the trilogy, to better fit the movies. And it's still a contradiction, because Lucas changed his mind on a couple of points (Or didn't tell the author what was really going to happen).

So really, it's still Canon, it just got some facts wrong.
oh I know it's because it was written before. But that's part of the point. When Lucas made the Prequels and the Clone Wars he doesn't care about the Post ROTJ EU and because of that a lot of stuff that was considered canon became non canon.

People like to think the Thrawn Trilogy is still canon because it is the best EU book out there, but if you really take a look at what has changed then there is no way it could be considered canon.

Now given that they say that Episode 7 will be a new story not based on anything in the EU and given Lucas didn't care about the EU when he made the Prequels and the Clone Wars what makes you think Disney is going to care about it?

Now I could see them taking some characters from the Eu and adding them in new stories ie make Thrawn a major vilian in the new series but they won't make the Thrawn Trilogy they will give him a new story. Just like they did with the Marvel movies.