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11.04.2012 , 06:48 AM | #328
There's a real easy way to fix gear discrepencies:

Lock WH+ gear to Rated WZ use only.

This will also weed out those players who somehow get their jollies from being in min-maxed gear and steamrolling those without just for laughs.

With their overwhelming gear advantage gone, they'll soon start losing, and will quickly thereafter quit doing it.

I've come across this situation before, even in a game I ran back in the 90's. We set it up that the best gear was locked to the highest PvP play tiers to prevent just this situation. You wanted to wear that gear? Fine, but you could only then enter certain playing fields that only others in the same gear types could enter.

The griefers whined and complained, but they were made to put up or shut up. They ended up shutting right the hell up because they actually were facing an even field of play and couldn't get away with their pathetically juvenile behavior any longer.

What made it especially tasty, were that player corpses were full loot. You had to -pay- to make your stuff bound to you. If you did not and someone PK'd you? They laughed all the way to the bank, selling your gear.
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