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11.04.2012 , 06:46 AM | #156
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Arsenal is too easily shutdown because people are not reacting appropriately when they get attacked. All they want to do is spam TM. That's all it is TM TM TM, Unload, Railshot, TM TM TM, rinse repeat.

Yeah as if someone is gonna let you go and spam that from the back row. Same people who used to press 1 button for wins are now crying for a buff.
That's probably because all of their heavy hitting abilities are tied to TM/Grav Round.

Want your CoF proc? Gotta use Grav Round.

Want your HiB to do damage? Gotta use Grav Round.

Want your Demo Round to hit like a truck? Gotta use Grav Round.

And now, the newest one. Want an instant heal? Gotta use Grav Round.

The above could be why they are spamming it.