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11.04.2012 , 05:43 AM | #323
are people just socially awkward or complete wierdos that cant interact with other human beings?I mean...the whole basement nerd stereotype that stays locked at home is old..but it refers to real life!do we now have "social wierdos" that cant interact even online?!

tip-counseling......psychiatrist..chose one..U NEED IT.

how can this thing go on..l

log in..ask in general about premades...

get an invite (usualy doesnt take more then 10 mins asking)

BAM! you ar ein a premade!now..unless your awkward and you cant comunicate...or you are mentally chalenged to the point that ou cant pvp properly in a game like swtor you will prbably get kicked,(blame it on yourself not premades..)


log in...

spam general "LF mroe people for normal WZ premade@

ill give you 5 mins for a full group

BAM! you are in a premade!

Srsly, this is an online REQUIRES interaction, and if you have problems with that you should go see a professional...

unless you are bored and passing time people dont generaly prefer to queue solo just because....

all the xcuses for "why i like solo better" are just pooor and sad xcuses..nonsense.

if your a wierdo and socially awkward...then G...T.....F....O...those kind of people give me the creeps and should be banished of the planet..

(sorry for my english...clearly not my language)