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Scrapper Scoundrels.
True but they have stealth.

The problem I have with it is while it is meant to be a CQC range class you only have 1 option to close the gap, unless you spec into tanking. That option also has a 45 second cooldown, compared to the only three CQC DPS which have a 15 second one or stealth. This is why they should have made Storm a trooper ability instead of a late tank tree ability. In PvP like Huttball where most of the arena is segregated by elevation this pretty much ruins Vanguards. You tank or you use grapple every 45 seconds. Why couldn't they just switch those two? Have storm replace grapple and give grapple a damage or a taunt or something.

I still however stand by the old Assault Specialist, it was only two abilities you could use at range and one ate up ammo and the other had a 15 second cooldown. I've seen more broken levels of DPS at range.