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Unless there are q's popping all over the place, the times most team queue up are just way too late...not particular inclined to stay up too late on if everyone is regularly q'ing at 7-11 pm server, that is a different story. Maybe 1.5 will bring back a lot of people.
It's pretty hit or miss. Some night there's only 1-2 pops all night. Other nights, like tonight, there's pops for like 4 hours nonstop. What I've noticed is that during the week we start queuing around 7, but games don't start popping regularly till around 8-9, which sucks because there's several of us east coasters in deadweight that usually have to log by around 10 server.

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that was some fun on black hole tonight. too bad full resolve and some others didnt queue up for rwz's woulda been nice to have some people that say they are best to fight against and test ourselves. sucks that you all choose weekdays all of us work on those days so cant stay up. weekends we pretty much always in rwz queue.

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That was a good game tonight. I look forward to more against you guys. We have rateds scheduled only during the week, but sometimes we have enough on and can form over the weekend as well.

edit: For those interested, try and bump this thread so we can get a customer service response about a rated warzone change in 1.5.
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