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And the trolls are out in full force.

There are many things in the game, including non-economic things, that are dependent on crit chance. Crit chance is very much a part of this game until and unless they completely remove it (which they can as it's their game).

Your premise of "no one should be dependent on crit chance" is completely ludicrous, as it's the ONLY way to obtain these items in the game - there IS no other way.

Further, this thread is NOT - once again for the cheap seats - NOT about me whining that I'm not getting a high enough price for what I sell on the GTN. The market sets the price, I set my prices competetively (it is rare for me to have an item listing expire), and no, I don't gouge or expect folks to pay more than the fair market price.

The purpose of this thread is to try to ascertain whether there was an unintended and significant decrease in the rate - and it's a valid question as it happened once before in a previous patch regarding an unintended lowering of the amount of materials returned by many crew missions.

If you want to troll and complain about people whom you believe set their prices too high (which I've already stated I do NOT) then go start your own thread and stop hyjacking this one.

EDIT: And by all means, go tell players that they should not utilize any gear that increases the crit chance of their class because YOU don't believe that's how the game should be played. See how quickly they laugh you out of the room.
I am not a troll. Sent you a PM.

From what I can tell using other missions, the crit chance is largely the same. I haven't rolled a slicer until after 1.4