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My setting
1. Theron Shan is Satele and Malgus' child and his force potential was sealed by the Jedi because they were afraid of that.
2. SI(female twilik) captured Theron, learned that his father was a Sith and used him to lure Satele Shan.
3. SW(female pureblood) wanted to challenge Satele in a fair duel to prove her power.
4. BH(female human) was sent by
to capture Satele Shan as well,
5. With the help of the SW and BH Satele lost but she made a deal with the 3, she let SW beat her, let BH take
as a prize to report to
and gave herself to SI to get her son's freedom.

Now SI captured Satele, she tried to humiliate and torture Satele Shan endlessly to turn her like Darth Malak did to Satele's ancestor Bastilla.

Any advice of the plot since then? it's the son of the most unlikely romantic pair in the history of the world as your main character?

Oh my gosh.