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... does anyone else tend to find that the players with no sense of how rare or valuable something is, is always the one finding teh loot? haha
I agree with you completely!

I just bought the gloves (to finally complete the whole set) just now from GTM for only 50,000 Crs!

Also, I have like 3 units of this R-60 Combat Desintegrator among all my toons that I bought in the past 3 days for like 5,000 Crs each, while they're a really rare loot that can easily be sold for around 100,000 Crs.

I will keep one of those for myself for a possible future operative and profit with the others!

If anyone is from The Jedi Covenant server and want one, send an in-game mail to me that I COD one of them for a special price!
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