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Silber Interviews Darth Derp
Pro PVPer about his pro pvp tips

Silber: Well thanks for coming on my show Mr Derp
DD: I prefer Darth actually
Silber: oh ok sure
Silber: So Mr Darth, firstly do you pvp much?
DD: Why yes, all the time actually
Silber: Well thats strange because I have never seen your name in a WZ ever
DD: Quite the contrary you see me all the time in WZ's
Silber: Oh, on an Alt perhaps?
DD: No Silber, Im there in ..let me call it, in spirit
Silber: Wow spooky, so umm you a tank spec or the fotm Smash spec?
DD: Spec is irrrelevant Silber its the level of Derp that counts
Silber: So um, I have not seen a Derp counter on the end scoreboard for a match. Is that something Bioware has added recently or have I missed it?
DD: No Silber its there all the time...just scroll down...all the way down
Silber: Like so far down my scroll finger hurts
DD: Yep thats it , exactly
Silber: So thats where you lurk Mr Derp right down the bottom of the scorecard, how is that pro? Im sure our viewers would love to know.
DD: Its pro because I say so, no one can tell me what to do, and if they did I would not listen. I and I alone know what is recquired in a WZ..
Silber: Ah now I think I recognise you..
DD: Let me explain, I want to democratise Derp and bring mediocrity to the galaxy...
Silber: Thats quite a plan Derth Darp
DD: Only the truly dedicated can achieve true derpiness, to express this is to consumate the dark forces within you, and become a blackhole of suckfulness dragging, eventually, the entire galaxy into the maw of moronic knuckle dragging stupidity...
Silber: Wow! So your belief in Derp then Darth is uh, like a universal force that... right, you know like taking .. uh ummm
DD: let me finish!
....and the entirety of creation collapses upon itself. Finally revealed in that supreme nothingness, where primitive creation is stripped bare in ultimate truthiness, the word that began the end of creation, hanging brazenly in the void....


Silber: Gulp
DD: Logic, Thought and Co-operation and Reason all will be crushed by the sinister miasm of Derpiness
Silber: Well from looking at our servers pvp you seem well on the way Mr Barf
DD: Thats Derp, Darth Derp do you hear me you cretinous imbecile?
Silbers collar seems unusually tight
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