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Thanks so much man. Ha-ha, you got it.

Chapter 9

Pierce and Methic returned to Black Hole’s cantina after a few hours of combat. Jerking his helmet off, Pierce walked over to the table where Broonmark and Vette were sitting.
“How’d it go?” Vette asked.
Pierce had no idea what Broonmark was saying, so he just nodded.
“It went good.”
“Where’s Methic?” Vette asked.
Pierce jerked a thumb over his shoulder. “Talking to Jaesa and Quinn. Hey, you notice those two have been talking a lot lately?”
Vette nodded. “Hey, it can get lonely on that Fury. When Broonmark here speaks unintelligibly–”
Vette nodded.
“–Broonmark here speaks unintelligibly, so the only people to get acquainted with are you, me, and Methic. Quinn knows and–no offense–hates you, he’s not fond of me, and Methic’s had him at arms’ length since ‘It’ happened. As for Jaesa…you’re too violent, I’m to greedy, and she’s shy with Methic.”
“Still, they used to never talk. But now…”
Vette shrugged. “Don’t read too much into it, Pierce, or this’ll turn into a bad story where the well-meaning best friend tries to hook up a boy and a girl who want to be friends but the friend thinks like each other.”
“Relax,” Pierce said. “I’m a horrible matchmaker, anyway.”

Methic put his hand on Quinn’s shoulder. The man looked up at him. Methic gave him a nod and made a motion toward the other side of the cantina.
Quinn stood and followed Methic. Methic glanced around, and took a table with no occupants nearby.
“Lord Methic?” Quinn asked.
“I need you to do something for me,” he said. “And I need to know if I can trust you.”
“Of course you can.”
Methic glared at him. “I believed that, before ‘It’ happened.”
Quinn didn’t ask what ‘It’ was, because he knew. If he had asked, Methic probably would have slapped him. Or choked him.
“I have apologized often, my Lord.”
“You have,” Methic confirmed. “And you have done quite well in proving your loyalty. But that does not mean I will drop my guard immediately.”
“Nor would I,” Quinn admitted.
“A typical Sith Lord would have skewered you,” Methic said. “Turned you into something that looked as if it had been bitten by a rakghoul.”
Malavai swallowed. “I know.”
Methic nodded. “Good. Now, regarding your new assignment, this is very important. Failure is not an option.”
Quinn nodded. “I understand completely.”
Methic paused a beat. “At the Battle of Ilum, it was brought to my attention that there is someone of…past importance…to me in the Jedi Order, which I was unaware of.”
Quinn frowned. “My Lord?”
Methic leaned in close. “Jedi Master Gareb, the newest member of the Jedi Council. I want you to go to Tython. Watch him.”
Quinn looked as if Broonmark had slapped him. “Tython, my Lord?”
Methic nodded. “Tython. I will convince Jaesa to give you an access code to land on the planet. You will disguise yourself as a Republic soldier assigned to the Jedi Temple security detail. Watch Gareb when you can, but don’t make it obvious. He can sense it, just like me.”
Quinn nodded. “I…see, Lord Methic.”