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Hey hey, let's keep it civil. No one here is really whinning for anything.

I think fixing our HoT to be more usefull will help the class over all. It may not help maintain damage output (Since arsenal can both be LoS'ed or intterupted, and if we're LoS'ing for survivability we can't be dps'ing), I think it will go for general all around survivability. Arsenal's problem atm is it can not dish out it's damage before it dies, so anything that keeps it alive longer will help.

So a minor fix to the HoT (or just make it a decent self heal CD) will help. I'm still hoping for attaching unintteruptable to a CD (reserve powercell).
and how would you "fix" the HoT? 15% heal over 10s, i like it quite a bit and dont see how it could be perceived as "broken".

Merc is so easy to kill b/c the vast majority of players are melee. Once melee gets in a Merc's grill, there is nothing the Merc can do to effectively kite and continue damage. You can either stand there and get your pummeled or you can try to run away, all the while pew-pewing with Rapid Shots. A instant-cast heal is not a real fix to this problem.

I think this suggestion got buried, but how about this:
- Muzzle Fluting is changed from .5s cast reduction on Power Shot/Tracer Missile to 2s cast reduction. In conjunction, Tracer Missile damage is reduced by 20%, and Heatseeker Missile damage is increased by 20%.

This fixes Mercs largest weakness without penalizing current players by forcing them to change their builds to acquire what they should already have had. It also tones down Tracer Missile damage, as it being Tech and Instant would make a little over-effective (its still possibly to hit nearly 3k with a Tracer Missile crit). At the same time, Heatseeker Missiles receives a damage increase to make up for the lost damage from Tracer Missile's 20% damage reduction. The increase to Heatseeker Missile would offset the Tracer Missile decrease, and both Arsenal and Pyrotech would gain a crapload of mobile damage potential.

Id be willing to be that with this one change, a whole lot of Mercs problems would go away
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