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So I'm a PvPer, so PvE gear isn't really useful to me. I only do the dailes because of the HUGE discrepancy in credit payouts:

PvE: 15 minutes = 75-100k credits
PvP: 15 minutes = 2k-6k credits

So in the meantime I've racked up an ungodly amount of Daily Comms that I can do NOTHING with. I have the Ear/Implant/Relics/Elite Sabers of War Hero and the rest is Battlemaster. All of it surpasses everything I can get with Dailies or is worse because it lacks the Expertise rating.

I wish they'd let me buy Black Hole/Rakata gear with them so I could at least use the shells for an aesthetic bonus. I don't care if it was an unbalanced ratio like the WZ-to-RWZ comms. Like 50 Dailies = 1 Black Hole or something.

I'd suggest buying the new Dread Guard Relic and REing it. It's 300 Daily Comms a relic. For the 1st month that they're out they'll probably sell for 1.5-2.0 Million credits. Sell 5 of them and that's 10 million credits.
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