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you mean a knockback? why would you prefer to have a cone effect? there is nothing wrong with Mercs 360deg knockback right now, and it should not be "fixed" as you say. i have no problems with ability delay, and rarely have a problem with latency not showing people in the correct place. the ability to clear an entire ramp in huttball is very nice, and i would prefer for it to NOT be removed.

youre whining for an instant heal? lol. we've got 2 heals at our disposal right now, and have the ability to make one instant in a pinch. and giving us an instant heal is not going to help with our ability to maintain dps output while being mobile, which is the crux of the problems with Merc.
Hey hey, let's keep it civil. No one here is really whinning for anything.

I think fixing our HoT to be more usefull will help the class over all. It may not help maintain damage output (Since arsenal can both be LoS'ed or intterupted, and if we're LoS'ing for survivability we can't be dps'ing), I think it will go for general all around survivability. Arsenal's problem atm is it can not dish out it's damage before it dies, so anything that keeps it alive longer will help.

So a minor fix to the HoT (or just make it a decent self heal CD) will help. I'm still hoping for attaching unintteruptable to a CD (reserve powercell).