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Ummm, the pushback is still 360 degrees, and has a horrible ability delay, so you will never push people where you want 'em, if they are moving (THAT is the problem. Keyboard turners/clickers might love their 360 pushback, but I take 15m cone instant anyday)

Read the patch notes, sorcs push was fixed. A cone 15m INSTANT (nearly no ability delay)

And again, read patch notes. Sorcs received a free self heal, INSTANT (I am not talking about the regular 1.5-2.0 sec casted ones lol)

And again, pushback increase is an Arsenal talent, which you can't reach if you want to PvP (= Pyro).
you mean a knockback? why would you prefer to have a cone effect? there is nothing wrong with Mercs 360deg knockback right now, and it should not be "fixed" as you say. i have no problems with ability delay, and rarely have a problem with latency not showing people in the correct place. the ability to clear an entire ramp in huttball is very nice, and i would prefer for it to NOT be removed.

youre whining for an instant heal? lol. we've got 2 heals at our disposal right now, and have the ability to make one instant in a pinch. and giving us an instant heal is not going to help with our ability to maintain dps output while being mobile, which is the crux of the problems with Merc.
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