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I just finished #1 DPS Civil War (800k DMG), with a sorc being 2nd (700k), as a Merc DPS.

It was Ranked.

FUBAR vs. MVPs (2500-3000+ Rating)

...Oh, and I wasn't even full WH min maxed, like everybody else in both teams.

L2P issues?

Fix our push like you fixed the sorcs, and give us a self heal like you gave them. Problem fixed.
Oh, and it's lame that Merc Pyros have to spec into +2% endurance, to not gimp themselves, when PTs get 9% DMG on main rail crit ability (RP). Move alacrity bonus somewhere else, and give us +% on unload.

PS: The Sorc's middle tree is bad in PvP, so is the PT's (only due to dodgy PFT, however), so the Merc is not alone in that regard.
If you want better pushback resistance, there is a talent box for that.

um, we have self heals bud. LoS some and use them.

Again, the problem with Merc is NOT damage output. I have no problem putting up good dps numbers in warzones. The majority of warzones Im in I top the charts by large margins. The problem is, if I was playing a sniper I would be doing infinitely better.

If you compare classes at equal gear and equal skill levels, Merc is the bottom of the barrel for DPS. This is what we are saying with this thread; a highly skilled player will excel with a Merc, but would perform even better on a non-gimped class
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