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I don't like to bring up the role-playing aspects of the game too much, nor the fact that we have a heavy armor.

But I don't think the Mercs are supposed to run from a fight, and should not be too mobile. I'd love a Jetpack ability of some sort, sure, but I don't think those sorts of big changes are coming anytime soon. Fix to our push is my #1 concern, as it is really harming us as it is now. Then, is the fact that we can't handle burst either, just like the sorcs, so not giving us a heal, when they get one, is unfair. They have force speed to escape burst as well. That's countering the light armor already.

What are you suggesting then? I just want these two things from the devs, or at least a response:

#1: The Pushback.

#2: The Selfheal.
To be honest, I'm not sure. I'm actually completely on your side when you talk about the RP/look-and-feel aspect of the class - It bothers me when people ask for more mobility, ie. the ability to LOS better, as I feel like the commando should be more immobile like the gunslinger is now (and the gunslinger should be jinking and running around).

The jetpack would be great, and is wildly popular on these forums. I'd personally like some kind of GT 'go-here' kinda jump which worked through immobility - but as you say, that's a lot of work and is a fairly big change.

Other than that, I'd like to see improvements to our defensive cooldowns (unnerfing charged barrier back to 2% low in the gunnery tree would be a help), as well as giving us tools to avoid interrupts.
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