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More Worlds Colliding because yeah after the prompt is done I finally can figure things out.

Knightless AU: Worlds Colliding
Takes place a short hyperspace jump from the last worlds colliding


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I like! in a "Why are they all dead " kind of way. Several individual passages/bits I liked, but this one stood out especially. That's...that's so arrogant. So him.
Yeah. Scourge is going to be particularly Scourgey for a while.

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For the record, this also qualifies for "Bad Timing". I enjoyed this episode, and I sympathize with stories not coming together. Sometimes they have a mind of their own, it seems.
I probably started writing this scene at Bad Timing and it took this long.

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Reason to stay indeed!!

And awww for the dead people But it totally makes sense.
yeah I couldn't see them surviving if "the Jedi" wasn't there.