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11.03.2012 , 05:42 PM | #143
I don't like to bring up the role-playing aspects of the game too much, nor the fact that we have a heavy armor.

But I don't think the Mercs are supposed to run from a fight, and should not be too mobile. I'd love a Jetpack ability of some sort, sure, but I don't think those sorts of big changes are coming anytime soon. Fix to our push is my #1 concern, as it is really harming us as it is now. Then, is the fact that we can't handle burst either, just like the sorcs, so not giving us a heal when they get one, is unfair. They have force speed to escape burst as well. That's countering the light armor already.

What are you suggesting then? I just want these two things from the devs, or at least a response:

#1: The Pushback.

#2: The Selfheal.