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11.03.2012 , 05:29 PM | #139
Yes, generally thought others could be Sniper/PT/Sorc, since I haven't had a chance to show my teeth with my merc before (my guild mates didn't let me cuz 'merc sucks').

Now, that I have some actual experience, I'm convinced that the Merc DPS is viable indeed, with minor tweaks, however. It still deserves the Pushback fix, for the exact same reasons Sorc got it, and the self heal, for exact the same reason the sorcs got it. Sorcs will still get instant Mezz specced, and Force Speed + Friendly Pull, so they will still have superior utility. Now they have both superior utility, and defensives.

PS: Learn to read: 'I JUST finished #1...Also the word 'Could'...You should look it up the dictionary.