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Heh. I'm just gonna go ahead and quote your own post back at you.

Quote: Originally Posted by SneiK View Post
Let's look at the ranked must haves:

Juggernaut Tank (Melee)
Assassin Tank (Melee)
Carnage Marauder DPS (Melee)

And because of current state of smashspec, having it on top of the above doesn't hurt:

Smash Warrior DPS (Melee)

So, excluding healers, 4/6 (tank + dps) are melee. the other two could be PT/Sniper/Sorc. The PT will be with those melee, and Sniper has no problems being close to them.

What I mean, is that the game is heavily gimped towards melee, and zerging. So no, I'm not seeing bubble spec as a bad thing.

wat no merc?
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