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11.03.2012 , 05:14 PM | #9
the power barrier idea would be good, but theres a simpler solution spec pyro, i both PVE and PVP so i just stuck with arsenal to save my self from re-speccing for each raid, but about a week ago just after i got full war hero i specced pyro to try it out and it is so so so so much better in pvp, while there have been people on the forums posting big numbers with arsenal the spec lacks a lot, and imo pyro is very good in pvp, while it lacks an equivalent to flame burst i find that i only ever use power shot a couple of times each wz and its only used if everything is on cooldown my heat is low and i need an extra railshot, otherwise running around rapid shotting is fine, people complain about how immobile mercs are but its only arsenal really, pyro is incredibly mobile the only thing you need to cast/channel is unload and on the odd occasion power shot, otherwise you just keep moving

imo its also a really fun spec to play

since i kind of went on a rant there i think what mercs do need is a ranged root, rocketpunch need the knockback back and we need something like a snipers legshot, and maybe make energy shield make us immune to interrupts (like in the healing tree but for all specs) the power barrier idea would mean we would always be immune to interrupts pretty much