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11.03.2012 , 05:07 PM | #137
I just finished #1 DPS Civil War (800k DMG), with a sorc being 2nd (700k), as a Merc DPS.

It was Ranked.

FUBAR vs. MVPs (2500-3000+ Rating)

...Oh, and I wasn't even full WH min maxed, like everybody else in both teams.

L2P issues?

Fix our push like you fixed the sorcs, and give us a self heal like you gave them. Problem fixed.
Oh, and it's lame that Merc Pyros have to spec into +2% endurance, to not gimp themselves, when PTs get 9% DMG on main rail crit ability (RP). Move alacrity bonus somewhere else, and give us +% on unload.

PS: The Sorc's middle tree is bad in PvP, so is the PT's (only due to dodgy PFT, however), so the Merc is not alone in that regard.