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That's actually not what I said. The solo kill was against the guild team.
I'm pretty sure that's what I said. You beat all the pugs, lost against the guild team, but the saving grace was solo capping against them. Which makes them not good (or having a really bad day, running a b-team whatever).

Your point basically comes down to: commandos aren't competitive against good teams/players, and therefore ipso facto, if as a commando you beat a player/team, they must not have been very good. That's nice.
Oof. That's a bit of a leap. How about 'as a commando, the teams you are less likely to get shut down by are bad'.

I do really really well as a commando. I have the best gear I can get, boatloads of experience, I can 1v2 scrubs and am usually top of the charts. Against PUGs, or most premades in standards. I can honestly say that I feel I have mastered the class, as both assault and gunnery. Please, check out my vids in my sig - they're not particularly selective, most of my matches win or lose look similar. My last match uploaded has me putting out about 670k damage - which is nowhere near my top end.

Once more, for those at the back: I have no problem with how Commando plays as a spec at the low end of PvP. If you excel, you can beat an average player just fine. Even a good player. The problem is, from experience, at the very top end of competitive play, there is NO room for a DPS commando. There are significantly better choices for your team - the best commandos cannot compete with the best of other ACs.

I understand you (appear to) feel that everything is ok if you can do well against a team you perceive as adequate. That is not where I'm at. I can't speak for everyone else.
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