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I give up. I'll submit to the almighty war hero that thinks he does the world and his country (saving one country at a time by playing video games) a favor by rolling casuals. It's not every day you see a grown man admitting they enjoy to gang up on and beat people that are far below their skill level and then tell them they should man up. This game is obviously a professional e-sport (especially unranked warzones lol) and I'm bad because I want to meet teams of comparable skill level and composition to slowly better myself and not get totally rolled by the opposition. Is that too much to ask for just because you want to have shorter queue times to roll lesser skilled players? I think the issue with your country is that you think it's ok to kick on people lower in the hierarchy just so you can achieve instant gratification.

Just a question. Would you like it if you could queue a 8-man ops for NWZ and if you do how many days do you think PvP in this game will survive if that happens?
I played on my BM sniper today, 3 matches.

First match I was solo. We ended up against a 4 man premade, and lost East within the first minute. Do you know why we lost East? Because the PuG over there didn't call it. Not before they showed up, not during, not even after he died. Most of my team didn't even notice East being lost until I asked "Why wasn't there a call?"

Second Match, I teamed with one other player. -One.- We rolled into a PuG vs. PuG and won by a bare margin. Why did the other team lose? Because the guard I attacked not once, not twice, but three times failed to call for help until he was dead. He was a sorc sacc'ing his health and healing to buff his medals.

Third match, still teamed with only -one- other person. Huttball, on a PuG vs. a 4 man Premade. We won, 6 - 0 with 2 minutes left on the clock. Why did we win? Because PuG's were saying things like "Upper ramp" "Get ahead of me!" "I'm at their goal."

What is the lesson here? It has nothing to do with ganging up on them "Poor, undergeared casuals with my big mean team of WH-augmented." It has nothing to do with saving a country from it's decline. Pure and simple, the "casual" excuse for why they are losing is complete, utter, rubbish. Refusing to take advantage of all tools and options available to you, and then expecting other's to play by your same rule book, your same code of honor is a scrub mentality.

I have some assigned reading for you. First, look up "Playing to Win" by Sirlin. It's a fairly short book, available on the internet for free, that explains the difference between a scrub and a good player. It isn't that the scrub is unskilled... no, they may actually be quite capable. They are however, held back by their own inhibitions. "Playing to Win" by Sirlin.

Then pick up a book by Scott Olson Card, titled "Ender's Game." I think after you read it, it will be quite the eye-opener.