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Battlefront just takes battles that we know happend and allows you to play in them. Allthough if one side wins a battle thats not canon.

TFU is a weird one. They say it's canon supposedly G-canon but it in no way fits into the actual canon. It doesn't even fit into C-canon. I mean you talk to Yoda on Degobah so how did this not come up when he talked to Luke?

"Oh hey watch out there is another Jedi who can pull entire Star Destroyers out of space. "
TFU is G-Canon???? Ummm, no. The Canon story in it is C-Canon at best, like with all Star Wars videogames that actually have multiple branching story paths. One outcome is C-Canon, while all the other endiings are N-Canon. TFU would have to be written or co-written by George Lucas himself to be G-Canon.

Who the hell ever said it was G-Canon???
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