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Good Lord, so much focus on Belsavis in this new content! the planet itself is huge, then we get an ops based on it, then some dailies, then more sets of upcoming dailies now the next companion is from there too...

(This isn't a complaint just an observation. I'd like to see other planets getting similar love like how Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa did for the events)
Well the next Operation [Scum & Villainy] is on Varl, that's a change at least.
And the last of the Dread Master series [The Dread Masters] (KP, EC, TfB, S&V, DM) will be set on Lethon, AKA Rakata Prime.

It's true that EV, the Belsavis Dailies, the Area X dailies and HK-51 are Belsavis based, but testing Area X was more like Kaon Under Siege with Kintans and Terenteks instead of Rakghouls - so it felt very little like Belsavis and more like the zoo from hell.
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