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I give up. I'll submit to the almighty war hero that thinks he does the world and his country (saving one country at a time by playing video games) a favor by rolling casuals. It's not every day you see a grown man admitting they enjoy to gang up on and beat people that are far below their skill level and then tell them they should man up. This game is obviously a professional e-sport (especially unranked warzones lol) and I'm bad because I want to meet teams of comparable skill level and composition to slowly better myself and not get totally rolled by the opposition. Is that too much to ask for just because you want to have shorter queue times to roll lesser skilled players? I think the issue with your country is that you think it's ok to kick on people lower in the hierarchy just so you can achieve instant gratification.

Just a question. Would you like it if you could queue a 8-man ops for NWZ and if you do how many days do you think PvP in this game will survive if that happens?