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It's been said over and over and over, the problem isn't with the Sorc/Sage bubble, it's with everyone else getting the bubble.
Okay.. so I am a sorcerer who uses bubbles to protect my team, the guy standing next to me. Someone hits him and pops the bubble.. the stun stops the guy who is trying to kill me for a couple of seconds, hey opportunity I might be able to cast a heal. Can't re-bubble the guy for a while.. but I might be able to heal 3-4k of the damage which went through the bubble. What a novel concept, the addition of two people... making your 1v1 battle into a 1v2 battle might mean that you cannot insta kill me (the sorcerer) nor the guy I'm protecting. Heck, we might even win.. scary idea.

The stun should be longer though.. 6 seconds at least.

WH heals/bubbles/dps sorc