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....seriously.. ?

Why do you want to nerf sorcerers again? They have one ability which gives them a modicum of survival by stunning melee people nearby.. (gasp) nearby the sorcerer. They have to be nearby the melee person who uses it, to have cast it in the first place. The one class who with full WH armor is still squishy, and who can hold off a single WH marauder for 20 seconds (out of interrupts then) for 2 whole bubbles somehow needs to be NERFED again, why?

Don't forget those sentinels and marauders do 3.8k damage through the bubble on a smash. The commandos can do upwards of 5k through the bubble. The full WH sorcerer only has 20k health, or about 25k with a bubble up. The stun doesn't last long enough to kite or run away without teammates near by to help.

How about Bioware increases the damage Affliction does from 200 a second to 500 a second, so the ability would actually have a use in a war zone? How about fixing Overload so that it does force damage 8-10k... instead of 1.2k? How about making Overload work behind the sorcerer so that it can be a viable trick for running away from certain death? How about making force slow hit for enough damage, say 1k a tick so that it is worth wasting the refresh time to cast it?

By the way.. how about making force lightning do more damage the closer the target is to the sorcerer... 1k a tic at 30m, 2k at 20m, and 3k at 10m... give those melee's a reason to use tactics assaulting the easy kill target.

50 WH heals/bubble/dps sorc
Yeah because force lightning ticks are 10m of 3k would not be too much? Think about what you proposed and then think about it again until you see what the problem is.

It's been said over and over and over, the problem isn't with the Sorc/Sage bubble, it's with everyone else getting the bubble.
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