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1. Still can't dispatch more than one of the same consumable crafting missions. And it still fails silently and destroys the mission item, with no warning, and without granting the mission.

2. Mission dispatcher still loaded with useless stuff like gift and luxury fabric assignments, and still lacking in needed missions like metals. Wildly unbalanced yield rates vs. need for certain mats like Laminoid vs. Silica.

3. Stupidly low drop rate on orange bracer and belt patterns from the mission skills like UT; orders of magnitude below the drop rate for the other pieces.

4. Orange sets still have mismatched pieces, with different parts of the "same" set coming in at random levels and augment tiers.

5. Crafting still useless at endgame, other than for a few stims and a handful of BOP Rakata pieces. Some skills like Armstech are barely useful even for lower level gear.
First is a bug, the rest are working as intended, we get it you don't like it.

2. Some people run gift stuff, me included sometimes and fabric isn't useless if you are a synthweaver.
3. They aren't supposed to be common.
4. So if you want that look then level your character
5. Tell that to the cybertec/artificers that have the latest schematics from running Ops. Armstech, oh yes the only reliable place to get techblades/vibroswords whilst levelling.

You're complaining that it's broken because it takes time to get certain items, would you rather have blue/purple recipies as rare drops out in the world or tied to a reputation grinds that take months, as they are in other games?
MMO's have time sinks either grind for the pattern or for credits and buy it.