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Both require team work and coordination which means making a lot of friends. If someone isn't onlie for your raid you need replacements.
<.< what does this have to do with anything? PvE and PvP come in different formats. One has week long lock outs, gearing up rates, different times per activity.

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I have no problem with having a casual PvP bracket with no rewards greater than BM (as long better geared people aren't allowed to queue). It seems you have a problem with not having easy cannon fodder to kill when you get carried by your friends to grind out WH on your alts. Why is your amount of friends just right and enough work put in? Who decided that your 4-man team is just right?
<.< so complaints about taking the team out of team play = I want easy kills. No... what I really want is the solo pvp-heroes to rise to the challenge. As for 4 man teams? I think BW made that decision they made maximum queue 4 people normal, 8 ranked.

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Judging from your recent post history you've only tried RWZ once and that was when you set up a trading farm because you otherwise couldn't get enough willing friends to queue with you. So much for competition and better yourseld facing tough opponents.
In this modern age of facebook and twitter, it may surprise you that people don't publish their life's story in a debate. I gave you the most relevant experience... that ranked WZ's aren't reliable at popping, either from server population, population incompetence, or system failure.

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I've had either personal chat with CS for more details or a message acknowledging my issue that said it's been forwarded to a dev for all my bug reports. Sounds like you are lying or that your server has bad CS.
See my above answer. It has been ticketed, same lame *** message about it being passed on that everyone else gets (It's probably a canned, copy and paste answer). If it was an abnormal glitch, won't hear more. If it isn't (like the commando level 5 story being bugged) then we'll all get a response when the patch notes say "Ranked Warzone's not popping properly has been fixed."

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When I want competitive warzones I queue for ranked. When I queue for solo queue I do so because I'm time constrained and no friends online because this is a game after all and not a professional sport I do 24/7. In most solo queue pops there are at least 4-5 solo queuers working as a team focusing on objectives. I enjoy the entire group of ragtags forming as a group bond and working to a common goal. That is fun. A 4-man premade in optimized gear having no business in NWZ usually makes the warzone not fun because people start leaving and just give up. I don't blame them when they have 14-18k hp and are facing opponents that have both superior coordination and 22k+ hp. I can't see how the premade in your example can feel good at all since that's an effortless and easy win. They should feel ashamed of themselves for not facing tougher opposition.
This is like playing scrabble but deciding you don't have to properly spell the word. "Come on people, we're just having a friendly game... why you so serious and won't let me spell Kyropractur on the triple word score? It's not -fair- you know how to spell and I never bothered! I just wanna play scrabble casually!"

Once again... cute. We should be ashamed, cause we're all playing well and you all suck.

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Queuing for ranked I wouldn't classify as fun. I classify it as a means of satisfying my competitive spirit. That's two separate things. Besides I usually get my fill of that at my work which I get paid to do.
If the PvP in this game is too competitive (cause forming a team is so hard) perhaps you're playing the wrong game? There are casual pvp games out there.