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Galactic Trade Network kiosk locations:

Coruscant, Senate Commercial District, beneath the Senate Plaza, along the back.
Fleet, Carrick Station, quadrant labelled Galactic Trade Market, along inside wall

Dromund Kaas, east and upstairs from main city square.
Fleet, Vaiken Spacedock, quadrant labelled Galactic Trade Market, along inside wall

Nar Shaddaa, Lower Promenade, two sets of kiosks on opposite sides of the area near faction trainers.
Tattooine, Outlaws' Den (PvP area) between Jundland and the Dune Sea

Look for the green holographic sign showing the "Credit" symbol (a 7 with it's upper arm crossed by two short vertical bars) inside a pentagon.
Thank you for answering the question Uluain. That is a very useful answer!

I'm sorry to the others, I didnt mean to be demanding, it's just annoying when a question is asked and people give non-answers that they expect you to be satisfied with, simply because they dont know the answer, but they want to put their two cents in anyway, and at the same time think they should be appreciated for cluttering up the forum with useless non-answers. Kind of a pet peeve of mine.

If you cant answer the question, or you dont have a further question to add, dont post.