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Ugh, I thought we went over this. The people here aren't saying "Weak class, I can'ts killz nothin' so it's got to be the class!" Some of us here are top commando/merc players on our server, or atleast have decent track records. The reason we (and BW agreed) say commando needs some work, is because we also play other toons. Other toons, other specs, other roles, etc... Comparing between our toons, we've all found that on the dps Merc/Commando, we are always the least effective.

It's not "Can't kill that guy, must be my class." It's "Sure I can kill people/defend/assault/dance... but I can do it much better on any other toon/spec."
Don't try to reason with him, it's obviously in one ear and out the other. Obviously it's us and not the class.
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