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Glad you had fun - but in essence what you're saying is that you can beat pugs. Which is what any skilled commando has been saying all along. Pugs don't suddenly become better when they queue for RWZs.

Any 'good' guild RWZ group wouldn't have let you kill a turret guard and solo cap a node, no matter what class you were.
That's actually not what I said. The solo kill was against the guild team. The guild in question isn't top tier, but at least middle tier. Long established, respected,,highly geared. If I was rolling with my regular crew, I think we would've won those two matches... but we had to pug our healers, including a sage in mostly BM.

Your point basically comes down to: commandos aren't competitive against good teams/players, and therefore ipso facto, if as a commando you beat a player/team, they must not have been very good. That's nice. All I can say that I could've been playing as my EWH sentinel, and I don't think I would've helped any more than I did as commando.
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