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And what is the star wars univers now if not to use your words a cluster****. I fail in the highlander reference I guess. Thought the TV show was better than any of the movies.
Right now, the ExU does have continuity, even if the stories have gotten to the "Dragonball Z" realm of ridiculousness. The continuity of the franchise is kept in check by Leland Chee, since that's his job. I agree with you that the Highlander TV series was way better than any of the movies. Doesn't change the fact that no effort was made to keep that universe coherent as far as continuity goes.

With Star Wars, we've never had a Highlander moment where something in one novel is completely destroyed by the next novel. Highlander being destroyed by Highlander II, for example. Or that ill-advised cartoon series that takes place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

One thing we've always had in Star Wars was continuity. Those who claim that George never cared about the Expanded Universe need to do some more research before speaking. In fact, he did a LOT to keep the Prequels in line with the established Expanded Universe. Using the name Coruscant for the Capital of the Republic. Including Aayla Secura in the ranks of the Jedi. Using the term Mandalorians when referring to Fett's people. NONE of those terms were George Lucas creations, yet he used them so that he could keep some form of continuity with what was already established.

Even the account of The Clone Wars in The Thrawn Trilogy was kept as a rumor, since the "insane clones" was true from a certain point of view. For those not knowing about Order 66, the clones attacking and killing Jedi for no apparent reason would look like insanity.
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