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I call shenanigans....I unlocked on test in about 4 hours. Once the shop was online I rolled a lvl 1 sith sorc. Sent a couple million credits to the new toon. Paid one million to unlock HK for an imp character under legacy. Started using. And he rocks. Yes, his armor and gear is all tionese level and he cant use the stuff he comes with till youre 50. But have already crafted motor and parts from cybertech and threw em on him and he can use those as you level. He absolutely rocks early on. Started at level one with my presence bonuses at 2.5k hp to my 300 or such. That char is 12 now and hes round 3.5k with no gear and is fun as hell to play with. So trophy away.
I assume he's got no quest dialogue at low levels? I know when I got 4X and then went back to do the quests on Taris he didn't have a single line anywhere on the planet.