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Played 5-6 ranked matches yesterday on my commando. Won 3-4 against pugs, lost twice (close games) to a decent guild team. Led in damage / killing blows in most matches. Solo-killed/capped a turret in Civil War against geared sniper (from guild team). We actually had 2 pyro commandos for a while.

Honestly, I'd never complain to see a buff for the class... but it's hard for me to argue I need it. Buff arsenal if really necessary, but assault is fine.
Glad you had fun - but in essence what you're saying is that you can beat pugs. Which is what any skilled commando has been saying all along. Pugs don't suddenly become better when they queue for RWZs.

Any 'good' guild RWZ group wouldn't have let you kill a turret guard and solo cap a node, no matter what class you were.
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