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Generally a REBOOT is starting from Scratch , not taking everything previously done and bringing it along for the ride . Granted we will see new stories and changes to the main characters that never happened in the ORIGINAL UNIVERSE ("Most importantly a upgrade in Tech") but it cannot be a real Reboot when the past movies and stories are in the same Canon with the new Movies and Stories . Its not a REAL PARALLEL UNIVERSE when now the other Universe was likely changed with this new one being this was TIME TRAVEL not Portal Hoping.

You see Original Spock is still alive and in the NEW Time Line being set , so in fact the it cannot be a real REBOOT .
But it is a Fresh start , so I guess I can see how you would see it as a REBOOT.
It cannot really be a Parallel Universe when the one Original Spoke Came from is no longer existing because of the TIME TRAVEL .

Being now Original Spoke is still alive and god knows who lived from Nero's ship or what Tech might have made it , the Previous Time line still holds water .
So you could
(A) Look at it as a Reboot , or
(B) a continuation of the already set series but changing due to timetravel !

Either or I thought the movie was good and will allow Kirk to woop more *** and commit go knows how many breaking of Regulation with each lower officer he sleeps with !

BY THE WAY , I remember the Next Generation , it also was feared because the older fans did not want to move past Kirk ! William Shatner with all his trying will always be remembered as Kirk , he might not like it but its the way it is and it brought him wealth he probably would not have had otherwise and a fan base that was extremely loyal to him and his castmates .

Same will be said of George Lucas , he wants to be known for otherthings besides StarWars , his Filming Directions , his ability to write Stories , and how he forever changed Films as we know it .But he will always be known and remembered for StarWars !
You do know JJ-Trek was labeled as a reboot right?

And the Narada was a mining ship originally as stated in that lens flare flick but the backstory was that it was outfitted with Romulan-Borg technology.