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Join a guild. Make friends.
Premades are done by people farming commendations to gear up, just like you.
it's a little disingenuous to suggest that those premades are ppl just trying to gear up, "same as you." my guild stopped doing ranked. we lost some players. the remaining pvpers have no desire to get rolled by the one leet grp that Qs. thus, we reg Q. trust me, sinnerr, banksy, inmortal, blissreiter....they don't need gear and will steamroll a pug. we're caught in a no-man's land of pvp atm.

anyway, my only point was that reg pvp is the only realistic option even for optimized players, which is why all the big names show up there, and it's unusual not to be in a partial premade when other guildies are pvping, isn't it?
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