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11.03.2012 , 10:51 AM | #313
My Server the Bastion a PVP server the IMPS constantly run Premades into pugs

YES it sucks

But , I feel it the classes are un-balanced . IMP classes are way OP for PVP
Thier abilities seem to be steered toward it.

Sorcerers , OPS, Assassins.

I mean how many time you see 6 sorcerers on a team , You ever see 6 sages?

When the classes get balanced out the populations will even up faction wise and the game more enjoyable

RT now on the The BAstion IMP populations are almost 2/1 over the republic

This quote from Hall Hood "there are many more Imperial players than Republic, and this has greatly unbalanced the PvP situation."

How many servers we got now? and Populations are shrinking!!!

As an WH Operartive we used to assemble pre-mades into pugs to farm gear knowlingly

I felt sorry for the Republic side and Quit my Operative .

Its a good game QUit putting you heads in the ground!!