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Seconding this. The so-called movie is already forgotten pretty much. I managed to watch it by getting drunk first.

Star Wars on the other hand doesn't need a reboot, just a more serious approach to doing the movie.
The New StarTrek Movie was not a REBOOT , I think someone already stated this .........................
Do not blame the Movie for your weaknesses , It was stated from start of the Movie to the end . At the begining of the movie it showed Time being changed by Nero who was seeking Revenge for his Planet being Destroyed . It also featured Original Spock and his Younger self .

You did not like it , thats fine . Thats your Opinion , I liked it . Thought it was a good update in a old series to match the younger Generation who have short attention spans . Needless to say Nero is now one of my favorite StarTrek Villians under Picard's Clone Shinzon (Played by Tom Hardy "Bane/BatmanRises" one of my favorite actors).

I am not limited to StarWars in the fantasies I enjoy , I love Marvel , DC, StarTrek , StarWars , MassEffect , DragonAge , Fable , The ElderScrolls , The Witcher , Dune .................ect ect ect ect ! I love good stories in General and I am finally happy now a Owner that did not create Luke Skywalker is in control of him . We might now see the Character tested like he was in OT Movies again , he doesn't have to die but it would be nice to watch him here and there get reminded hes Mortal !
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