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11.03.2012 , 09:39 AM | #156
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You know what came first to me, wth this game is going!? I've played 2 hours of Guild Wars 2 and got hooked and then there is this ***** of **** in the "star wars" universe. I'm one die hard Star Wars fan but it seems it wasnt enough
Cant argue personal opinions, but the way I see it, it''s the other way around. I tried GW2 played 40hours and really wanted to finish story but was totally unable to, while the engine is good and graphics crisp, the gameplay is a diablo ripoff and totally boring, spamming 3-4 buttons hoping ull get a good result at the end of the total mayhem on screen. no life no immersion no connection to people no strategy nothing really. People are starting to quit it in mass. SWTOR with all its early flaws is by far the best MMO and keeps getting better, if it continues like this within 6 months it'll be virtually perfect and will quadruple the subs base. I couldn't care less about starwars and its universe, but I am totally addicted to this game regardless.