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the hell it has. The X-men vs Avengers storyline was amazing. Much better then the Skrull war story line they did.
Did you even read AvX? Let alone look at how sales in Marvel are literally falling over the past few years?

The story was one of the worst written in years and many tend to agree with how poorly implemented it has been with other comic series as well...then there was the out of order releases for the individual battles, then the fact that the series was a cheap version of Civil War mixed with "OMG we need to do what we tried to stop with our knee-kerk reaction."

Marvel forums, when they are even alive, let alone any Marvel-based forum tends to lean away from AvX and the sales of most of the series under the Marvel banner. There are a few good series, but then again one of the last gasps Marvel is having is their version of New 52 via Marvel NOW and killing off some good series for low-expectation ones.