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The problem is

Why can't they keep the EU and make new movie at that same time? Just choose another era.
Thats not so easy, look at a Star Wars timeline and you'll find its pretty full up. Sure they could create an entirely new era after Krayt and that but i'm not sure they'd want to. As someone said, the majority of the fans just watch the films and maybe play some games, they'll want to work of material already in the original trilogy. However I see no reason why they can't remould the EU - I mean really how important are those obscure post ROTJ comics and books anyway. The Thrawn Trilogy of course has to stay, but characters like Mara Jade, Thrawn, Jerec and Kyle Katarn can be taken and implemented into a new trilogy, maybe reworking some of the things already in the EU and creating new storyline that hasn't yet been covered, it could work. But it depends on how 'original' they want this trilogy to be.